Inviting Teammates to Propel

How to set up your users in Propel

Invite Your Teammates to Propel

One of the first things to do when you first login to Propel is to invite your teammates to join.

  1. Go to Settings -> Users.
  2. Click the + button to open the Add User window.
  3. Enter your teammate's details, choose the appropriate roles, and click Finished. You may read more about user roles here.
  4. Repeat for each of your teammates who needs access to Propel.

Each user you create will automatically receive an email with their login details.

Note: Once you've created your accounts (in the next section of this guide), you can come back to user management and add accounts for each of your users. This can also be done under account management, as you will see below.

To learn more about user management, check out our Youtube tutorial.