Enabling the Business Outcomes Dashboard – Instructions for Propel Users

How to enable the PR Business Outcomes dashboard for your clients

We are excited at Propel to be delivering deep insights on business outcomes resulting from your PR efforts. We have built a PR Business Outcomes dashboard that you can share with your clients and/or use for internal purposes.

In order to gather the data, we have built an integration with Google Analytics. For each client that you would like to have a PR Business Outcomes dashboard for, permission has to be granted from their Google Analytics account.

You and your client will have to follow these steps for you to turn on a PR Business Outcomes dashboard for them.

Steps for you

  1. In the Propel web application, open Settings -> Accounts.
  2. Click into the account where you would like to enable Business Outcomes.
  3. Click on tab 3, Business Outcomes.
  4. Copy the Google Analytics link and send it to your client. Make sure that it reaches whichever team member has access to your client's Google Analytics.

Steps for your client (send them these instructions)

  1. Make sure you have access to your company Google Analytics.
  2. Put the link into your browser (use Chrome). You should see the Google sign-in (OAuth) screen. Choose the Gmail account that has access to your Google Analytics account.
  3. Click Allow to grant Propel access to your Google Analytics.
  4. Choose the Google Analytics account, property, and view to use for Business Outcomes. Then click Save.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message when this is done correctly.

Wrapping up

If your client correctly completed the instructions above, you should now see the connected Google Analytics account on tab 3 of the account profile.

The Business Outcomes dashboard will be available to you the day after your client completes these steps. If for some reason you don’t see data appear in the dashboard, please reach out to us at support@propelmypr.com.

If at any time in the future your client needs to change the connected Google Analytics account or properties, send them the link again, and have them follow the instructions above (the same as the first time).

If you or your client has any questions about the Google Analytics integration or PR Business Outcomes dashboard, please feel free to reach out to us at support@propelmypr.com.


To learn more about the Business Outcomes Dashboard, check out this Youtube tutorial.