Whitelisting the Gmail Plug-In

Instructions for G Suite administrators to whitelist the Propel Gmail plug-in. Done once for each G Suite organization.

  1. Sign into the G Suite admin console. You must be a G Suite administrator to access this page.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Security > API controls.

    API controls:
  4. Click Configure new app and select OAuth App Name Or Client ID from the list.

    The Add App window opens.
  5. In the Search OAuth app name or client ID field, enter:
    Click the SEARCH button. You should now see Propel CRM. Select it.
  6. Choose the Propel OAuth Client ID from the list (it should be the only list item) and click the Select button.
  7. Under App access, choose Trusted. Then click Configure.
  8. To verify that Propel has been added successfully, click Add a filter.
  9. Type in Propel, and select App name contains "Propel" from the drop-down.

You should now see Propel as a trusted app.
Congratulations, you're now ready to start pitching!