What is UMV?

Understand UMV (Unique Monthly Visitors) and how it can help you quantify the impact of your PR

What is UMV?

UMV is an acronym that stands for Unique Monthly Visitors. It is a metric commonly used in online marketing to measure the number of distinct individuals who visit a website within a specific time frame, typically a month. 

Why is UMV important for PR? 

UMV is an important metric for PR as it provides insights into the effectiveness of PR efforts in attracting and engaging a larger audience. Successful PR campaigns can drive an increase in UMV, indicating resonance with the target audience. UMV data helps identify trends in website traffic and tailor PR strategies accordingly. It also serves as a benchmark to compare performance and set goals for increased reach and engagement. Overall, UMV allows professionals to measure effectiveness, identify trends, and optimize PR strategies to enhance online presence and drive conversions.

Keep an eye out for UMV throughout the Propel platform! You can find this metric in the media database, media monitoring suite, and in the Analyze section of the software.