What is Source Rank?

Learn how Propel ranks media monitoring mentions

Propel Source Rank is a scoring system that is used to analyze Online and Print mentions in Propel's media monitoring suite. Source Rank is an in-depth analysis of the editorial ranking of news sources and popularity ranking of blogs, forums, videos, and podcasts. The source rank scale is from 1 to 5 (1 being high, 5 being low).


Source Rank 1 - Top international, national and business news sources, e.g. USA Today, BBC, CNN, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Economist

Source Rank 2 - Top regional sources, e.g. The Houston Chronicle, Scotsman Online, MIT Technology Review, Pharmaceutical Journal, Advertising Age

Source Rank 3 - A broad range of news sources of good editorial quality. Includes the following news source types:

  • Industry specific news sources such as PC Magazine, World of Concrete
  • Country specific news sources, e.g. New York Daily News, Canadian Press
  • Government department press releases, e.g., US Treasury, 10 Downing Street
  • International organizations, e.g. OECD, NATOR
  • Dedicated sports news sources, e.g. ESPN.com, Sports Network

Source Rank 4 - covers a broad range of news sources, newswire sources, and sources with a local focus. Includes the following news source types:
  • Regional US News sources, e.g. Kansas City Star, Long Beach Herald
  • Regional UK News sources, e.g. Falkirk Today, This is Bristol
  • Corporate website press pages, e.g. Oracle, EasyJet
  • Wire news services, e.g. Business Wire, PR Newswire via Yahoo
  • Political party (affiliated) websites, e.g. The White House, The Labour Party
  • About.com topic sites, e.g. About.com TV, About.com Golf
Source Rank 5 - covers non-news sources and data. Includes the following content types: