What is AMIGA?

Explore Propel's Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant

Soooo, what is AMIGA anyways? 

AMIGA stands for Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant and is Propel's very own end-to-end, AI-powered assistant for PR. More specifically, it is the first-ever Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) tool for the Public Relations industry. Use your new industry bestie to generate highly personalized strategic PR pitches, press release drafts and media lists.

AI-Powered Pitch & Press Release Writer

AMIGA generates eloquent & highly personalized pitch and press release drafts in seconds and supplements the ideation process. How so? We trained AMIGA on a dataset that comprises of more than five million real pitches and press releases sent via Propel’s Gmail and Outlook plugins, information on over a million journalists, as well as hundreds of millions of articles.

AI-Powered Media List Generator

How long does it take you to build a top-notch media list? Let's slice that number down, a lot. This newest AMIGA-powered feature uses generative AI to create full media lists of highly relevant people in the media, saving PR pros entire days’ worth of time per month.

To build your media list drafts, Amiga:

  • Uses AI embeddings to create the perfect contact recommendation engine
  • Creates a unique recommendation ID for each journalist based on all previous articles written
  • Analyzes your unique pitching content and scans 1 million+ journalist profiles to find strong matches for your news
  • Saves you hours of time by allowing you to skip the tedious media-list building process
  • Tailors your pitching to result in better relationships with journalists and more coverage by the media

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