Troubleshooting Pitching

Steps to take when you receive an error while pitching.

Computers are not perfect, and each of us has seen our fair share of error messages. What happens, though, if you see an error message while sending a pitch? Was the email sent, or do you need to resend it? Will it be tracked in Propel?

The following steps will help you to understand what happened and to take any corrective action, if needed.

Step #1 – Was the pitch sent?

This is usually the most important thing you want to know. It's also the easiest thing to know. Go into your sent messages folder and check if the email appears there. If it does, then your pitch was sent. If not, you need to send it again.

Step #2 – Was the pitch tracked in Propel?

After verifying that your pitch was sent, you want to know if it was tracked in Propel. This is also simple to check. Open the sent email in your sent folder and check to see if the Propel sidebar loads. If the sidebar loads empty or not at all, the pitch was not tracked. If the sidebar loads correctly, the pitch was tracked.

If the sidebar does not load and your pitch was not tracked, you have two options to ensure that it is tracked properly in Propel:

  • For the next email that you send to that contact on that pitch (whether a response or a follow-up), connect that email to your pitch, and it will now be tracked in Propel.
  • Manually create a card in the Propel Story Funnel using the + button. This ensures that the pitch appears on all of your reports. You will still want to use the first option when you next respond to the contact for your current pitch.

Other potential problems

My scheduled email did not send at the specified time

If you receive an email that one of your schedule pitches could not be sent, the solution is simple. Open the email in your drafts folder and click the send button. The email will be sent and tracked in Propel.