Tips + tricks for using the AI Pitch Writer

How to generate the best pitch and press release content using Propel's new AI-driven assistant.

The AI Pitch Writer is the first feature that is powered by Amiga (Propel's Artificial Media Intelligence Generator and Assistant). Amiga was trained by analyzing over five million real pitches sent by our users and now can help you generate eloquent and highly personalized pitch and press release drafts in seconds!

AI can be tricky, so here are some tips and tricks on best practices while using the AI Pitch Writer:

  1. Be detailed and specific.
    For example, instead of saying “Propel is launching a new AI assistant for PR,” say “Propel is launching a new AI assistant for PR on March 8, 2023 that helps streamline users' workflow and save time.”
  2. Your news summary should be between 15–100 words. Although, usually 15–30 words is enough to create a really solid pitch and press release.
  3. This might be obvious, but always include the company or organization name you're representing!
  4. Edit, edit, edit! We are generating an AI base, but you should make it your human creation. There may be mistakes or illogical outcomes, as AI is not perfect. Be sure to read through everything thoroughly and turn our first draft into an edited final draft by you.

Head over to the AI Pitch Writer (located within the Pitch section) and try it out 😁!