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Scheduling Pitches in Outlook

Scheduling a single email in Outlook for sending later

There are cases where you may want to write an email now and have it sent out later at a specified time. If your email is intended for only one recipient, you can use the Propel Send Later feature. If your email is intended for multiple recipients, you can use the Schedule Mail Merge feature.

  1. Open a new email window, and from the Propel sidebar, connect the email to your desired pitch.
  2. Add the email recipient(s) (either directly to the "to" field, or using a media list that you prepared for this pitch). Write an appropriate subject and then write your pitch.
  3. When your pitch is ready, click the Send Later or Schedule Mail Merge button (as appropriate) in the Propel sidebar.

    This opens the scheduling window.
  4. On the scheduling window, please select the day and time you would like the email to be sent.

    You can use the date picker to select a date and time, you can use one of the date presets, or you can manually type in your desired date. Click the OK button when finished.
    The default scheduled send time is now, so if you do not update the schedule time, your email will be sent immediately.
  5. After selecting the desired send time, click the Schedule button.

    Your email is now scheduled. If you are using Outlook for Mac, you may need to close the new email new window manually after scheduling.

At any time, you can view scheduled emails in your drafts folder. Select the email in your drafts folder, and the sidebar will show you when the email is scheduled to go out.


Once you have scheduled an email, you cannot update the scheduled time. This is an Outlook limitation. If you need to reschedule the email, you will need to delete it and create it again.