Propel's Media Database

Why do I need a media database?

Using a media database is an essential tool for PR professionals as it allows them to effectively connect with journalists and pitch their stories. By utilizing a media database, PR pros save hours of manual research, find unique targets, and stay up to date with their contact information.

Propel's media database provides PR professionals with access to over 1 million journalists, offering vital information such as contact details, outlet info, articles, Twitter activity, and pitching preferences. By utilizing this data, PR pros can create personalized pitches that capture journalists' attention and establish meaningful relationships. Using a media database like Propel's is essential for successful pitching, empowering users to deliver targeted pitches and secure valuable media coverage.

Categories within Propel's Media Database

Journalist Search

The journalist search allows you to find individual journalists by using several filters inlcuding categories, topics, outlet prominence, location, media type, and more.

Article Search

The article search enables users to find journalists based on articles that they've written in the past.

Outlet Search

The outlet search filters are exactly the same as the journalist search filters, but the results are shown as outlets. If the outlet has a general inquires email address, users are able to add outlets directly to their media lists.

Twitter Influencer Search

In the Twitter Influencer search, users are able to add journalists to their media lists by searching through their Twitter profiles. Users are able to search through bios and shared content to find relevant contacts.