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Sending follow-ups in Outlook

Follow up on your pitches

Haven't heard back from any journalists yet? It doesn't mean that your story won't be covered - sometimes they just need a little nudge. We all miss emails here and there, which is why follow-ups can be so valuable. Remind a journalist about why your pitch is important by scheduling follow-up emails with Propel.

If you're more of a visual learner check out this tutorial video instead.

Follow-Up with Multiple Recipients:

  1. After sending a pitch using mail merge or generate drafts, if you would like to send or schedule a follow-up email, simply select the original pitching initiative.

  2. Next, select the "Follow-Up" checkbox underneath the Pitching Initiative in the Propel toolbar. This signifies to Propel that you want to send this email within the thread of the original pitch, not as a new email thread.

  3. From here, you can select the recipients that you would like to receive the follow-ups. You can either click the "Add all pitched" button or individually select the follow-up recipients from within your media list.

    Propel will only allow you to select follow-up recipients that:
      • you have already pitched for this specific pitching initiative

      • have not responded to the original pitch 
        (Why? If a journalist has responded to your initial pitch - hooray! You cannot send a follow-up email to this recipient, because you're already in correspondence and should base your unique reply on the journalist's response.) 

  4. Write your follow-up! Write the content of your follow-up email as your normally would when sending any pitch with Propel. Do not edit the subject line. Check out some of our follow-up best practices here.
  5. Send your follow-up using one of the following options: 
  • Send Mail Merge - this button will send the follow-up email immediately to all selected recipients within the same thread as the original pitch.

  • Schedule Mail Merge - this button will give you the option of scheduling your follow-up emails to go out at a later date/time. The follow-up emails will be sent to all selected recipients within the same thread as the original pitch. If any of the recipients respond to the original pitch before the follow-up email is scheduled to be sent, the follow-up email will be canceled and deleted.

  • Generate Drafts - this button will allow you to further personalize your follow-up emails. When selected, Propel will separate all follow-ups into individual drafts in your drafts folder. You will see the drafts as replies within the original pitch thread.

Follow-Up with One Recipient:

If you sent a pitch to only one recipient, or you want to follow-up with journalists individually, simply reply to the original pitch (as you would with any regular email).