Installing the Outlook Add-In – Instructions for Individuals

Instructions for installing the Outlook add-in for individuals.

  1. Verify that you have the latest version of Outlook 365 installed.
    • In Outlook for Windows, go to File -> Office Account -> Update Options -> Update Now.
    • In Outlook for Mac, go to Help -> Check For Updates.
    • In Outlook for web, refreshing the browser tab ensures that you have the latest version.
  2. (Windows users only) From the Windows start menu, opens Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and look for the message that says "You're up to date". If you see that updates are available, please make sure to install them to ensure that the Propel plug-in functions correctly.
  3. Open Outlook.
  4. From the Home menu, click on Get Add-ins.


    This opens the add-ins screen.
  5. From the add-ins screen, click on My add-ins.
  6. Scroll down until you see Custom add-ins. Click Add a custom add-in and choose Add from File. This opens your file options.
    pasted image 0 (1)
  7. Navigate to the following link and download the plugin file:
    Then add file.
  8. On the warning dialog that opens, click Install to continue.
  9. You should now see Propel in your list of My add-ins.

    You may now close the add-ins screen.
  10. From the Outlook Home menu, click Open Propel Sidebar.


    This opens the Propel add-in sidebar.
  11. Once the sidebar is open, click the thumbtack icon to pin the sidebar open.

    It is recommended to leave the sidebar pinned open at all times to ensure proper open tracking of your pitches.
  12. Click the link Connect Propel to Office 365.
  13. In order for the plug-in to work correctly, you must connected to your office 365 account. Click OK to continue.
  14. You will be prompted to login to your Microsoft account. You should use the same email address as for your Propel login.
  15. Follow the prompts for login and to grant approval for Propel. When the process is complete, you will see a success message.

Congratulations! You've now installed Propel! If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need help with installation, please contact Propel support.