How to use Propel's AI-Powered Media List Builder

Generate a highly-targeted media list in seconds.

To get the most out of the Media List Builder: 

  • The best results are from a full pitch or a press release, but specific keyword and key phrase searches work great too. You can also put in a description of your news. Generally, the more info you give Amiga, the better the list will be.
  • Abstract, vague or nuanced pitches won’t perform as well. Make the pitch concrete.
  • The best results are from announcements/hard news. Offering up an expert for a briefing might not produce as good of a result as a hard news announcement.
  • Not all of the contacts will be relevant. On average, 66% of contacts on Amiga-poduced media lists are relevant to your news (with 39% being very relevant, and 27% being somewhat relevant - on average). From our analysis, heavily researched media lists created manually by professional PR people take approximately six hours per 100 contacts to build. Of these contacts, 40% are typically very relevant. By contrast, producing a media list with Amiga takes three seconds, and produces similar, if not better results!
  • If you find a journalist you like, we recommend going to the “journalist name” option, and entering their name in order to find the most similar journalists. This is a great way to unlock new contacts that are similar to the ones you already know are relevant.
  • Click thumbs up if the journalist is relevant or thumbs down if they are not relevant. If you click on thumbs down, this journalist will no longer appear in future searches with the same text. This trains our AI model, so that it can continuously improve.
  • This is the very first iteration of our media list builder - the first technology of its kind in the world. Although the capability is already strong, we expect it to get much better overtime, and we want your feedback.

Have fun, enjoy Amiga, and get hours back in your day to do the parts of the job you love most.