Article Search

Use Propel's article search to find highly targeted journalists to pitch your stories to.

Propel's article search is a crucial tool for finding relevant journalists to pitch. Specifically when pitching a niche topic or story, the article search can help you find journalists that have already written about that (or a similar) topic.

To access the Article search, click on the second tab in the Discover section.

Using the Article Search 

Only Show Authors with an Email Address

This is the first filter shown at the top of the Article Search. If you check this box, the results will only show articles that are written by journalists we currently have in our database (AKA journalists you can immediately add to media lists and pitch).

If this box is unchecked, all article results will show even if there is no recorded author of the article. If you choose to check one of these boxes and add click "Add to Media List", Propel will then prompt you to add the email address of the author of the article. 

If you are looking to build a media list, we recommend to always keep this option checked. If you are using this as more of an article research tool, you can leave the box unchecked. 

Search by Title or Body Text

By typing keywords into the Search by Title field, you can find journalists that have mentioned  a certain topic within the title of an article they previously wrote. 

By typing keywords into the Search by Body Text field, you can find journalists that have mentioned  a certain topic within the body text of an article they previously wrote. 

You can search for multiple keywords by using operators like AND, OR, and AND NOT - just make sure your keywords are in quotations. 

For example: 

This search result is pulling in all results that have both "NYFW" and "summer" in the article title. 

Additional filters

To narrow your search results, there are several types of filters you can use: 

  • Author name
  • Time period
  • Domain rank
  • Content type
  • Location (city, state, country)
  • Word count

Adding Authors to a Media List

Once you've identified the journalists you want to pitch, check them off and add them to your media list!












The article search allows PR professionals to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape. By harnessing its capabilities, you can effectively connect with your target audience, secure media coverage, and ultimately drive success for your clients.